Saturday, April 16, 2005

Trends in Terms for MMORPGs

At brunch last weekend some friends and I were trying to talk about MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online roleplaying games) and couldn't figure out what to call them or how to pronounce it. Ken suggested "MUD" was the best pronunciation. Out of curiosity, I tried that Blogpulse Trends mapper on the terms MUD, MOO, and MMORPG and got this (look, MUDs and MOOs aren't dead, Ned):

Notice the trendlines are quite sensitive to whether you use the plurals or not:

Check it out yourself: Blogpulse Trendline for MMORPGetc.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the precision on the "MUD" and "MOO" queries is poor, because search is case-insensitive. The only query with good precision is MMORPG. That's whay you get such different results when you trend the plural forms. Looks like the precision of the plural form is good for MUDs and MMORPGs, but not for MOOs.

Lynn said...

Thanks, Natalie. Wow, you guys really are on top of the 'sphere, aren't you.