Wednesday, January 03, 2024

New Year, New Update

Yes, still in France... This past year, I primarily worked as "AI Artist in Residence" at Google Arts & Culture in Paris.  With the help of my colleague and talented front-end coder Chris Sugrue, we released a pretty set of haikus illustrated with Google AI Tools.  I curated the haikus and created all the content with internal AI generative models, and she wired it all up beautifully (and did the page design). You can visit it here: Haiku Imagined.

I generated and then edited video, letter shapes (the word "poppies" made from poppy flowers, for instance), music, and images for icons.  Chris used three.js to create animations and interactions. A couple screenshots from video in action...

My Substack newsletter "Things I Think Are Awesome" (TITAA) has grown to 2 issues a month, keeping up with AI creativity tools and other tech fun like procedural generation, games, narrative generation, and media recs (tons o' books).  I've added a paid tier for support. Depending on what happens with their management policies, it may move. I've featured a number of fun and weird folklore and media stories as intro articles; and there were 26 books (Sf & f, thrillers) in my best-of-the-year roundup. Subscribe/read here!

Along with work for Google, I've been doing NLP consulting for various smaller clients, usually entity/classification work and some story-generating prompt engineering. I'm looking at semantic search and knowledge graphs more these days. Let me know if you want any help! 

With the death of social media, I'm now on a million little platforms part-time: @arnicas on mastodon, threads, and bluesky.