Sunday, April 24, 2005

Impress your social circle:

I got this one from Danah Boyd's site: Rent a German.
rent a german and smile pic! offers a wide range of Germans for your personal and social needs.

You can select the German of your choice for an exclusive lifetime experience: Imagine to appear with your German at parties, family events, or just hang out with them at the local shopping center.

No matter which occasion you choose, you will surely impress your environment by presenting an original German.

If you are german or know a German who wishes to participate in the rentagerman network, please don´t hesitate to add your German to our site. On success, you will receive 40% of the rental fee !

So enjoy our human resources and make the rentagerman community grow fast !

Edited to add: I can't leave this site alone, I'm too enthralled.
Carl Hagen, 58 (New York): “After dinner, we watched TV together with the entire family. Suddenly the German started to cry. It was such real and pure emotion. I’d never seen this before. The support package cheered him up again and we read German poems together ‘til 3 am. Even Grandma stayed up and enjoyed the exotic sound of words like "Rasenmäher, Motorsäge or Solidargemeinschaft". Rented again, before our new friend left.”
So, rent-a-nice-scot would go over quite big among my friends. I smell a business plan.

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