Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Updates and Links


A few updates since last year... I am now teaching as an Assoc. Professor of Data Science in Lyon, France, at EM-Lyon Business School. The plan was 2 years and "we'll see." I finished year 1 of teaching business analytics, python and python data and text analysis. It was hard but rewarding when I had good students!

Talks / Slides

Since last year, lots of talks and slide decks!  Creative first, then data sciency and visy.

Eyeo 2016: A talk on generative text, tools for creatives, and generally wonderful collaborations between humans and machines.  Slides and code are here.

Eyeo 2016 – Lynn Cherny from Eyeo Festival // INSTINT on Vimeo.

I also gave a similar but earlier form of this talk at Alt-AI, a small conference organized in NYC at SFPC a month earlier. Slides here.

Dato/Turi Data Science conference, June 2016.  A tutorial talk on doing NLP-like things in Elasticsearch, with python and javascript code.  The code examples are here.

JSM 2016: I was on a panel organized by Hilary Parker, where I gave a talk called "Cocktail Party Horror Stories: Data Vis for Clients."  For various reasons, I don't want to make the slide deck public, sorry.

Lyon Datavis Meetup: "Design for Interactive Data Vis" - an updated version of a talk I gave in Miami at a local data vis conference, delivered in Lyon at the Datavis Meetup in November 2016.

Miami 2015 Seminar in Comm Dept.: A talk I gave while I was a Knight Fellow in Miami, "Text Analysis Without Programming."  Should really be updated a bit since teaching business students, too.

I also gave an NLP tutorial for Eyeo 2016 (python notebooks).

Writing / Posts

I finally opened a Medium account, and posted a well-received article on "Data Visualization 'Versus' UI and Data Science."  This post explores the career options and relationships in neighboring fields.

I've started a tinyletter in a spirit similar to my Eyeo talk, "Things I Think Are Awesome." (archive) Keywords: AI, creative tech, data vis, generative text, games, occult...   I'm also cross-posting them to Medium to reach a perhaps wider audience because there's virtually no feedback from a tinyletter!