Saturday, April 02, 2005

BoringBoring, Best Laugh of the Week

Maybe the best laugh of longer than a week, but I can't remember that far back anymore. Check out the April Fool's version of BoingBoing, aka BoringBoring, right on the money. I definitely LOLed a lot and fruitlessly clicked on their RSS link, wanting to keep the joke going for as long as I have to put up with boingboing in order to feel cool.

Favorite excerpts: the ad for Plain White T-Shirts and the O'Reilly "Maybe: Technology. Whatever" ad, Cory's DRM talk translated back into English (hey, Cory, get the hint), taking your knitting needles on a plane to make an infinite or four-dimensional space out of yarn (!!), and cool hack for turning any word into letters by just typing it.

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