Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Rainy Night in Brittany, France, 2003

I thought of this picture as I passed a local bar in the rain on the way home tonight. Two years ago at this time of year I was the crazy American woman (who allowed everyone to believe she was English, since she's a coward) staying in a farmhouse apartment in Brittany for a week. I'd just finished a European tour getting feedback on my product of the time, which hadn't gone so well. I was a bit depressed; and at night I thought someone or something was moving boxes around in the room overhead -- which was locked and seemed to be just a crowded storeroom when I finally peeked through the keyhole during the day. Muscular squirrels?


Anonymous said...

Ah, Muscular Squirrel. He was in the same house at me at Eton, along with Suburban Stoat.


Lynn said...

Well, sheesh -- were you really at Eton, and did I know this? Or is that a joke too? Because if you were, did you know Angus McIntyre or Alex Scott? It would be too weird if you did and I only just found out. I guess I'll find out this weekend!