Wednesday, February 23, 2005

APOD: Voyage of an Antarctic Iceberg

The Astronomy Picture of the Day (Apod) is one of my favorite feeds, partly because of their gorgeous-beyond-belief photos of interstellar phenomena, and the other "partly" for their sometimes really weird subject matter (like last month's digression on the Voynich manuscript hoax). Today's post shows an animation of the famous iceberg in Antarctica, the size of Long Island, hitting the coast: APOD: 2005 February 23 - Voyage of an Antarctic Iceberg

All of their entries have excessive hypertext, usually multiple links per sentence from words in use. Today I clicked on their link for "penguins" and got to a wacky fannish site about these cute birds, featuring sound effects of penguins when you mouse over the photos. They don't sound pretty.

pic of penguin off weird website

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