Tuesday, February 22, 2005

HICSS: Persistent Conversation CFP

Some old colleagues and friends of mine run this annual conference mini-track in Hawaii at the New Year. The overall conference used to have a "boondoggle" kind of reputation but this has (I think) gradually changed as more and more good people got on the boondoggle bandwagon. This conference mini-track run by a linguist (Susan Herring) and a system designer (Tom Erickson) is a good example. Some of the more interesting work in what used to be called "computer-mediated communication" (design and data analysis) has shown up here over the years. I was once an invited discussant, and found it a good time all around, and that was when it was on Maui; it looks like it's only been improving over the years. (I might even submit something about LiveJournal, since I seem to have data from that survey now.)

So if you want to go hear an interesting interdisciplinary crowd of computer scientists, anthropologists, linguists, data vis experts, and more: HICSS39 Persistent Conversation CFP.

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