Saturday, February 26, 2005

Stone's Public House

This is why I love Massachusetts. I went looking for a place to sit and have a drink whilst doing my biology homework and ended up at a pub the next town over. Just inside the door was a sign announcing a "Haunted Happenings" Investigation Dinner tonight (pre-reservation only, alas). I later overheard another patron in the bar explaining that it had been featured on the SciFi channel for being infested with ghosts.

Their website says this: Stone's Public House History (scroll down for the ghost stories). If I'd known then, I would have gone upstairs to see what it felt like! Here's a post by the guy who seems to be having the dinner party: The Mysterious Haunting of Stone's Public House.

More practically speaking, they do live music including Irish seisuin (drat, it's the night of my class), with blues on the weekend, and they have a nice fire and parlor open all day for lounging with a pint.

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