Monday, February 14, 2005

TiVo DVD burner review: Humax DRT-800

As some of you know, I used to work for TiVo. I follow their news on various sites (and occasionally get gossip from friends there), but I try to keep myself at a little bit of a safe emotional distance from it all these days. Here, I could post all day about TiVo if I wanted to really go to town, but I try to keep the restraints on. Nevertheless, I'm posting one good long review of the TiVo DVD burner from Humax, with lots of screen shots and detailed description of behavior and functionality. Since I was contracting while they were tuning this UI design, I was pleased to see how it turned out.

The reviewer, Levi Wallach, even finishes up with a note on the new TiVo-to-Go feature (allowing you to transfer content to your computer) compared to the all-in-one DVD burner unit. His comment there made a lot of sense to me: it's slowish to transfer files to your computer, and to replicate the Humax features you'd still have to do your DVD authoring -- which, if you've tried this, you know is NOT simple for the home consumer yet. (It's downright awful, unless you're on a Mac, perhaps.)

Humax DRT-800 review on Twelve Black Code Monkeys

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