Thursday, February 03, 2005

A9 Yellow Pages: A Photo Bug

Er, on the other hand, they seem to have a few bugs in their GPS data or database retrieval or something -- this fence is not Applewood 2 Go in Menlo Park, as I remember it: Yellow Pages: Applewood 2 Go. It's kind of cool that you can simulate walking along it by moving your mouse over the sequential thumbnails, though.


Erik said...

Looks like a mapping bug--their map is not in the right place either. But who cares? They've got the Applewood you really want.

Lynn said...

Yeah, I played with it for a really long time and found the one I want. As well as some other random street scenes that weren't the other restaurants either... Heh. It's still really fun to "walk" down the street with their little thumbnail UI. The Paris online phone book doesn't have anything remotely that cool.