Friday, December 17, 2004

Robot workshop

This Robot Workshop in Sweden sounds like a lot of fun. Which means of course Lars Erik Holmquist, an attendee of the long-ago games workshop I co-organized at CHI, is one of the instigators. He's involved in everything that's cool right now.

Interestingly, Luc Steels is also involved -- the former boss of a a long-time friend of mine. They worked in Paris on language-evolutionary game theory stuff that was somehow illustrated with internet-connected small robots. It was quite weird, but colorful. I think we ran into him (Steels) in a bar in Belgium when he was entertaining Rodney Brooks, whom we later took on a bar crawl. I do know we took Rodney on that pub crawl, at least. Ah, those were the days (of much more serious hangovers and now rather distorted recollections).

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