Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Info Visualizations

A bunch of cool tools for doing visualizations of net stuff that I ripped out of Christina Wodtke's presentation on the importance of Information Architecture:

Grokker, a visual web data-mining thing involving zooming and paying money to use it; Newsmap (based on the treemap technique, applied to Google news--I like this one!); Kartoo, a visual meta search engine (I tried "MOO" and got a lot of bovine stuff; I'm not sure I immediately get the display's info intent).

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Anonymous said...

My library is testing Grokker as a federated search engine for the library catalog and some databases as well as the web and It sort of works, but the concept is niftier than the results. It's not refined enough for intense research -- you still need a human to sift through the false drops and duplicate entries, and it's not easy to make this kind of editing in a Grokker result -- but could be useful for secondary school or undergraduates who have a topic they don't know how to narrow. (comment from Kay)