Sunday, December 19, 2004

Refined Beauty, for hire.

I have that paranoid worry that I'm the last to know about this, but I have no idea why. Check out this and tell me if you think it's for real:

Lara is a sophisticated young woman who acts as a travel companion to discerning gentlemen who appreciate beauty, elegance and intelligence. When she's not traveling, she shares her time between her house in San Francisco, NYC and her birthplace in Europe.

Her personality and looks combine European sophistication with the American adventurous spirit. She holds an advanced engineering degree from a top tier California university, is bilingual and an avid world traveler. In order to balance the needs of her career with her other activities, she sees very few and select individuals every year and prefers sufficiently advanced notice for travel.

Lara is a chameleon, a living contradiction. She is known to equally enjoy hiking the Na Pali or relaxing at the Punta Mita Four Seasons; exploring the St. Ouen flea market in Paris or dining at the Tour d’Argent; savoring a home-made Fondue Savoyarde in the French Alps, or attending formal events in Geneva.

It continues with her measurements.

It could be real or someone's elaborate fantasy life. I don't know which I'd prefer it to be...

Don't forget to check out the entertaining FAQ, one of which is "Do you really have an engineering degree?" All at Lara: VIP travel escort- Discreet, educated, elegant, stunning luxury escort for travel. And there's her LJ, of course.

Update on 12/20: Lara writes to me and says she's for real :-) (She must read her logs regularly, so maybe she really is an engineer too!)


KeithHandy said...

Suffice it to say that my clients, individually and as a group, indicated that they believe our time together is a good value.Um ... what does she mean by "as a group"?

Lynn said...

Maybe she'll see your comment and answer you herself :-)

KeithHandy said...

There's still something discordant about her being on LiveJournal. It's like "you can't afford me but here I am!" I could probably experience a glimmering rush of power just by posting something stupid there and actually making her laugh.

And then of course after two or three times I could say "I'm glad you enjoyed these free samples ... but it doesn't have to end there ... insert data linking laughter to psychological well-being, productivity, sex drive, success, life expectancy, etc. ... surely that's a phenomenal value, it would be a steal if you could receive these delightful comments every week at only a grand a pop ... well, now you can!"

Don't worry, Lynn, you'd still be grandfathered in for the freebies.

P.S. it won't let me enter "p" or "br" tags, so if this all shows up as one paragraph, tell me what I need to do in the future plz thx.

Lynn said...

Goodness. What a lot of self-revelation you've posted :-) I'm going to read her on LJ, because I'm completely fascinated. I guess we both are, but for very different reasons. See you there being funny? Because I could use the list of psychological well-being benefits from all of the show you're going to put on for her benefit.

KeithHandy said...

Very different and mysterious reasons ... thinking of going into business maybe?