Friday, November 19, 2004

MAGPIX Pocket Photo Album

While I'm on photos: I really like this idea, but don't like the form factor. One of the issues with having gone digital is how hard it is to flip through my photos. Yeah, stuff like Photoshop Album help, but I have to be at my desk (or build some kind of portable PDF and go through hoops, probably). People like looking at snapshots, but most albums are are for larger than a tiny palm size. Why not use a bigger screen? And the price is still too high; I want a bunch of digital albums lying around, so I don't have to do laborious searches to find just the trip or category I want. Basically, I want an iPod for photos, but less clever. Anyhow, this is their stab at it: MAGPIX Pocket Photo Album


Anonymous said...

These MagPix Viewers are great. I got one about a month ago and love it. Fit the thing up with an extra 1G SD card and load thousands of images into it. Pretty neat that it has composite output for the TV set RCA Inputs too.
The little thing has a Slide Show mode and will zoom around on all axis. I also like that there is a built in LCD protector in case it is dropped or bumped.
Battery life so far has been really good and is running on 800ma NiMH "AAA" type.
I am real happy with mine and it comes complete (excluding batteries) with all cables (USB and TV), Operational software and even comes with a nice padded case and wrist strap.

Lynn said...

Beware anyone reading this: the above comment look a lot like sales spam.

Anonymous said...

I like my album but I cannot get it to show pictures from my sd card. So far am unable to get in touch with magpix for help. Any help out there?

Anonymous said...

Good luck on contacting Magpix !!! I've lost my software disc and now i can't do anything with my photo album on my new pc !!! If anyone out there can tell me where to get there software please email me at !! Thank You