Monday, November 15, 2004

"Blue Collar" Computing?

Blue Collar Computing This makes me irritable. I heard about this from a meeting at work today -- a manager had just gotten back from SuperComputing 2004, where we unveiled a distributed computing product. It went over well (yay!), but I was irked by the name of this keynote speech. On looking it up, it turns out to be a genuine project name, a la "high performance computing" and the goal is stated as: "The focus should be on high-productivity languages, industry and supercomputer lab collaborations, and the training needed to provide the expertise needed to allow the greater capability and efficiency of HPC to be utilized by business users." Since when are business users "blue collar" and won't this pitch alienate most of the proposed users? Who thought this up? The only good news is that usability was mentioned as lagging behind the technical advances in processing power. As in, no one can figure out how to configure a cluster to work on a distributed problem.

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Keith Instone said...

Hi Lynn - I just discovered BCC myself and ranted a little about it here.