Thursday, November 18, 2004

Nobel Taboos

I found this on the Anomalist site, one of my favorites for stories of weird science. I wish this piece was twice as long and more detailed, but I blog it because of these great quotes: "Giaever delivered a particularly unwelcome message to the students regarding the esoteric nature of theoretical physics. He argued that there is no fundamental theory left in physics that could possibly have any application. He advised students to forget theory and become inventors. “That was not a very popular view,” Elteto said. "Another 1973 laureate, Brian Josephson, bemoaned the taboo that has tarnished certain topics in scientific circles. “He wants to find a quantum mechanical reason for telepathy,” Elteto said. “As you can imagine, the scientific establishment does not look kindly upon such endeavors.”' Graduate student meets Nobel laureates in Lindau

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