Tuesday, November 16, 2004

axance.com's Bibliography

While I'm on a roll through my history, I hit this page of bibliographic references at my old company (yes, it has my books, for no good reason): axance.com > ressources >Bibliographie. The page was last updated in 2001, I see. The most interesting item is the sidebar of quotes, which I don't remember them having before... they're all in English, except one, which my boss has highlighted in red: "La technique est moins importante que les hommes ou que la société, ce qui est important, c'est le projet humain qui est derrière." (D. WOLTON - sociologue) In translation, this is very French, and not very business-oriented: "Technique is less important than people or society; what's important is the human project that's behind it." He never got that this was in contradiction to a lot of the current thinking of the clients we pitched to. I kind of admire it now.

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