Saturday, November 20, 2004

Pendant for Airplane Sewers

My version of a cool tool: the Thread Cutting Pendant. In my quilting class this morning, this was shown to us in the "notions" section of class, where they demo cool tools for making sewing fun and not tediously and horribly difficult. (Can you tell I am a failed quilter? After an accident with my cutter last night...) This pretty pendant looks like jewelery, but there is a fine blade inside the notched edges that will cut thread. "You'll be able to get it on an airplane so you can sew there, they'll never know it's a blade." What a sad world when sewing ladies can't get their tools on planes without 007-style disguises.

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Anonymous said...

Hrm. Have read about this in knitting communities... sometimes they let you through with the cutter, sometimes not. Alas!