Thursday, November 18, 2004

Checkboxes vs. Radio Buttons (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)

Kind of classic Nielsen (style-wise), but he makes some good points I've been trying to articulate to people recently (like, if a design with a single checkbox option isn't going to be clear, consider using radio buttons that show what both checked and unchecked would mean): Checkboxes vs. Radio Buttons (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)


KeithHandy said... <-- this appeared on Slashdot today. You probably already have your nose to the ground for this stuff, but oh well.

I don't agree with all of it. I don't quite get his obsession with using the corners on a maximized window. I can *sort* of see his point in the case of scroll bars *if* a window is maximized (I would maybe argue for wider bars instead), but being able to close the window in a quarter of a second instead of a half a second seems like a useless thing to worry about. Not that his suggestion would be at any cost though, so I guess do it anyway, right?

KeithHandy said...

P.S. Sorry for not making that a proper link.

Lynn said...

It does seem like a minor point... out of all the things we could be worried about. No, I wasn't following it in any detail, thanks, though!