Saturday, March 03, 2007

Product Idea Generator

This is addictive, like any good generator. It's especially well-done. Too bad the reload link is so tiny, but you won't miss it. Samples I got:
  • It's a rubber fish that shouts 'WARNING!' at the first sign of danger! It sounds better than it looks and mimics the movements of a lizard.
  • It's a blow-up doll that's inflammable! It kills weeds down to the root and talks.
  • It's a video recorder that scares dogs and stays exactly where you leave it.
  • It's like a normal shoelace, but it runs on six little wheels.
  • It's an aquarium that keeps track of your personal calendar!
  • It's a trouser press that flies like a rocket! It doesn't need batteries and may cause drowsiness.


Anonymous said...

It's an electric drill! It keeps your teeth clean!

Lynn said...

It's a burglar alarm that probably won't work, plays MP3s and picks up Radio Four.