Thursday, February 02, 2006

Waterfall 2006

The best laugh I've had in, well, at least a week (the pornographic car design conversation at my corporate beer bash was pretty good): Waterfall 2006 - International Conference on Sequential Development.

Highlights of this conference agenda:

  • User Interaction: It Was Hard to Build, It Should Be Hard to Use by Jeff Patton
  • Pair Managing: Two Managers per Programmer by Jim Highsmith
  • Very Large Projects: How to Go So Slow No One Knows You'll Never Deliver by Jutta Eckstein
  • The Joy of Silence: Cube Farm Designs That Cut Out Conversation by Alistair Cockburn
  • Making Outsourcing Work: One Team Member per Continent by Babu Bhatt
The conference will also feature a number of workshops.

Unlike typical conferences where workshops involve participants talking with each other, all Waterfall 2006 workshops will be conducted by document. Come to a workshop, open up your favorite word processor and state your opinion on something. Email it to other workshop participants. (We'll set up mailing list aliases for this--after all, we want to keep this process efficient!) Then just sit back and wait for someone to reply with their own document. Don't miss this opportunity to participate in vigorous written discussion with your peers.


Anonymous said...

This was kind of annoying and smug, like reading the blogs on O'Reilly :-)

Anonymous said...

By which I mean the website you linked to, not your post of course :-)

Lynn said...

Mr Weasel, if it wasn't funny, was it too close to home?

Anonymous said...

as someone who regularly comments here and who is associated with weasels, I want to note that I'm not the weasel ...:-)

Here is a (poorly made) ferret movie

Anonymous said...

I am not steve the weasel, I am the celestial weasel.

It was more the unbearable smugness than anything. Also mention of 'the pragmatic programmers'. I have bought three of their books and have come to the conclusion that essentially they can't write.

Anonymous said...

A comment long after the fact, which no-one, including possibly you will read...

Ms Verity Stob's fable about software development methods

The moral: Don't mock the straw man – you'll be clutching at him soon enough.

Lynn said...

Of course I read :-) Also, thanks for the reminder of the Waterfall Conference, a seriously funny thing that still makes me laugh when I read it.