Monday, February 06, 2006

So, no change there then.

Oursin posted a pointer to a sad but pretty piece in the Guardian: So, no change there then. What happens when February comes and we realize there was no way we were to make those New Years Resolutions and we aren't going to turn into a princess after all? There aren't enough stories about how small changes can take so much work.

There is a fundamental problem with February. It is dark and cold, and people are therefore depressed, more people than would admit it. It is also when performance reviews loom on many horizons (what bad timing!) and people at offices are getting stressed about the plans they set in motion at the end of the year and how on earth they can achieve them. It might take years. And it's a short month -- less time than it requires to compensate for all the things dragging us down.

It's a month when we should be in Belize snorkeling, but instead we're working on weekends. My one resolution was to keep a daily journal of the "I did this" variety -- rather than any insightful extensive maunderings -- and it was this past week that I fell 2 days behind. That's February for you.

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