Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tips for Frequent Flyers

I was just booking an international flight, and faced with a lot of flights by many carriers in the same price range, I decided comfort was my primary goal. It was surprisingly hard to find a good resource that spelled out which airline and which equipment offered the best seats for this. Nevertheless, here's one article, more focused on users of laptops than on people with legs: Mobile Computing: Tips for Frequent Flyers.

It's the Boeing 777 that comes up winning on legs and outlets. Maybe this time I can get some sleep and if not, do some work. (Oh, and for those who know me, just because I'm small doesn't mean I don't like to stretch occasionally!)


Anonymous said...

thanks - this is useful

Have you ever flown with Dave K? (for those who don't know Dave, he's about 6'5" and all leg) I once flew with him in coach. He just folds up his legs and quietly suffers in pain for a few hours.

Moosteron said...

I find is a great resource for this. It describes seat layouts and other info by aircraft type and airline so you can get details of the exact configuration they use.