Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Rotundus Rolling Robot

According to, there's a new ball-shaped rolling robot in town: The Rotundus Rolling Robot. They say,

Nils Hulth of Rotundus AB in Sweden writes, "I do not know if you are interested in our novel robot design - a ball-shaped robot. Currently we are looking for uses for this robot apart from surveillance and inspection. Maybe one of your readers might have an idea?" The Rotundus robot looks like a large, black bowling ball.

The videos and stills on the product page are entertainingly weird. Don't miss the arty photo of the ball sitting by a fence in the snow.

So what can you do with a rolling ball robot? I can think of a few things really fast: put double stick tape all over it and use it to clean your floors (compete with roomba?), cheat at boules/bowling with it, paint it like a jackolantern and scare kids on Halloween (chase them off your porch in Legend of Sleepy Hollow flying head style!), confuse your cats/dog/bird/rabbit, play a really surprising soccer game with it, crush spiders and ants in your yard and house, roll it uphill and convince paranormal investigators they're looking at another magnetic magic hill, kick it around all by yourself and just tell it to come back by itself, scare home invaders away (with appropriate sensors and menacing sound effects), polish it and take pictures of it in the snow.

Because I'm convinced by my domestic terror use cases and want one of these myself, I one-click-ordered Robot Building for Dummies today.

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