Sunday, July 01, 2007

Angry Bluebird, Happy Bunny

Both of these fellows were seen at Drumlin Farm, an Audubon site in Lincoln, MA.


Angus McIntyre said...

Your bluebird looks to me like a tree swallow. A few weekends back I was dive-bombed by one of those who thought I was getting too close to his nest. It's a little unnerving to look up and see a bird coming straight at your head, then pulling out at the last minute and then circling round for another pass.

I took the hint and got out of there.

Lynn said...

Are these tree swallows blue? Because they were very blue. OTOH, they did fly like swallows, I thought. I could have mislabelled!

Angus McIntyre said...

According to Roger Tory Peterson's "A Field Guide to the Birds", tree swallows are: "Steely blue-black or green-black above and clear-white below; no other Swallow possesses such immaculate white under parts." The Eastern Bluebird apparently has a red breast.

So I'd guess at a tree swallow, but I could very easily be wrong.