Sunday, July 01, 2007

Angry Bluebird, Happy Bunny

Both of these fellows were seen at Drumlin Farm, an Audubon site in Lincoln, MA.


angusm said...

Your bluebird looks to me like a tree swallow. A few weekends back I was dive-bombed by one of those who thought I was getting too close to his nest. It's a little unnerving to look up and see a bird coming straight at your head, then pulling out at the last minute and then circling round for another pass.

I took the hint and got out of there.

Lynn said...

Are these tree swallows blue? Because they were very blue. OTOH, they did fly like swallows, I thought. I could have mislabelled!

angusm said...

According to Roger Tory Peterson's "A Field Guide to the Birds", tree swallows are: "Steely blue-black or green-black above and clear-white below; no other Swallow possesses such immaculate white under parts." The Eastern Bluebird apparently has a red breast.

So I'd guess at a tree swallow, but I could very easily be wrong.