Friday, January 19, 2007

Annual Site Stats and Changes

I don't have time to do real stats on my server logs, but I offer the annual impressionistic ones, at least, as well as some updates on the site.

Search phrases that strike me as funny, that show up every single week (usually with multiple counts):

  • girls on boats
  • alcohol induced blackouts
  • temporary wallpaper
  • real ghost photos/ghost photos/real life ghosts (etc)

Posts or pages with high hit counts, regularly:

  • The crop-circle google-montage (I should put a Google ad or two here, it's ludicrous; and no one ever comments, but it's hit 68 times or more per week.)
  • The weird red tree in Shropshire that almost made me drive off the road. It has 67 comments, which I should really trim/clean/purge most of. Also, add a Google ad.
  • An incredibly short post on Bara Hack, haunted village in CT. With a lot of chimers-in on the illegality of going there, or not.
  • My travel essays, especially the Siberia one. They're low on the page, but very popular, and the Windhouse and Fair Isle one are catching up in hits.
  • The bio/resume page is visited at least 20 times a week. I've added some info to it recently.
Visitors in sizable numbers are coming from images searching (no surprise there), a few companies where I think I know the folks :-), and increasingly from Stumbleupon, which is nice.

I spruced up the blog template a tiny bit, since Blogger has added tagging ability. Now you can click on a link to items in categories I post on regularly: design, tech industry, management, archaeology, funny stuff, weird stuff, information visualization and data analysis, etc. It took hours and hours to do a cursory tag job on my 504 posts of the last few years, so if you notice a mislabel, let me know. The tags list is on the right side under the index of recent posts.

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