Thursday, November 24, 2005

Paris seen from a Ferrari's bumper

I got this one off Steve's tingilinde which I'm catching up on after a couple week's of distraction with a new job...

I used to love late night taxi rides home from dinner or bars in Paris-- being a bit tipsy made the lights and the curves in the road and the people on the pavement cafes flow together in a very scenic and exciting blur. (I fantasize about going back with a camera and trying to recreate that sensation.) Well, some nut has made a film of an early morning high-speed drive through Paris, shot bumper-level, from a sports car.

I counted about 22 red lights he ran. I could be off by as many as 5. I got lost in the northern Paris roads, but wasn't surprised where he ended up. (The most entertaining and hair-raising section is in the middle, where he has to get through the center of town around the Louvre and just north of it. The last scene is really nice and very French. I read her expression as "Wow, you didn't get caught or killed!") Note, the starting text says it hasn't been accelerated or cut in any way.


Anonymous said...

wow, that's really crazy. thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God.

I assume, from the ending, that this was not just some wacko on a spree, but rather an arranged production, but still, clearly they couldn't have had all of that roadway and foot and vehicle traffic arranged. The driver really is a wacko.

My knowledge of Paris is infinitessimal, so please, tell us: where is that last scene filmed? You said you weren't surprised, but let the rest of us in on the secret.

Lynn said...

hey pavel,
he ends up at Sacre Coeur in Montmartre -- it's north, so since he was vaguely headed north, I assumed it would be there; it's the most scenic thing in that area of the city.

you can see him pass the famous consulat cafe canopy on the way, before the white church walls are visible.