Saturday, September 24, 2005

'Bride' Made with dSLR

This is a nice technical article on the making of the Corpse Bride using digital still cameras (the Canon EOS-1D Mark II) and Final Cut Pro. There's even a bit about custom Python scripting in here.

(Gotten off John Nack's Adobe blog. His post about the Undo in the elevator in the new tower is great, too.)

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Anonymous said...

I use something called iStopMotion for making simple stop motion videos with my iSight (I had to come up with something to justify it as it rarely gets used for conferencing).

It works very well and I made a few three minute movies last Christmas.

A friend is doing rather serious claymation work with a dSLR and the pro version of the same software. His job has him in central PA for a week out of the month. He stores his lights, clay and board in PA giving him an excuse to ignore TV and local culture. Over the next year he will be working on a fairly sophisticated 15 minute short.

It is good to know that this works at an amateur level - I can't say the same for pure CG yet...