Monday, August 29, 2005

Ghostweather: The HP Scanner Dialog

I found a UI so bad last week that I've been jumping up and down trying to find time to post about it. Finally, here it is:

The HP Scanner "Copy" Dialog, a new low.


Anonymous said...

Haven't you noticed by now that, although HP appears to know something about designing useful hardware, it's clear they couldn't program their way out of a very shallow paper bag? The last time I tried installing the driver for the color scanner/printer I bought, I almost broke down in tears after about an hour. Yes, an hour. And that was with *nothing* actually going wrong! Oh, man, don't get me started.

Lynn said...

Yes, you are so right. The rest of the software with this scanner is frighteningly bad, too. I am so glad I avoided their printers, and have stuck with Canon for my pix.

If there were any economic justice in the world... Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I would take issues about the quality of their hardware. Hewlett Packard made fine hardware, but I don't think HP does.

Some of their current printers, scanners and cameras are not as well designed and built as they were a few years ago. There have been measurable drops (measured by Consumer Reports) in their PC build quality.fg

This really troubles me - I grew up as an experimental physicist and Hewlett Packard was the primo brand. I still use a HP-35 calculator (RPN forever) for doing my taxes and have solid/robust/easy to use test equipment that is 20 years old. They seem to have lost the recipe.

on software - we have a 5 year old laser printer from them. They never got their drivers working well for OS X. Thank heaven for CUPS.