Sunday, July 24, 2005


This has shown up a number of places (I got it off MetaEfficient), but it's such a "why oh why wasn't this invented earlier" thing that I have to post it: The Wordlock. A combination lock that uses letters to form words you are more likely to remember, and can be reset to another word at any time.
the word combination lock

It also looks like it's way smaller than your average combination lock with a number spinning faceplate. It's only $5.98 from Staples and comes in colors.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome.

Anonymous said...

what i have a wordlock with no button, i don't know how to reset it!

Anonymous said...

Those are great, I love mine.
The way to reset it is as follows :
1) turn the dials to the default password, I think its WORD
2) Open the lock, lift up the metal loop.
3) use a coin to turn the slot on the left side, to reset.
4) change the dials to be the new word you want to be your combination.
5) use the coin and turn the slot back to the top position.

thats it.
good luck

Anonymous said...


I bought a Wordlock 4 letter dials brass padlock in a Canadian Tire store recently. Unfortunately, I can easily open it with my eyes closed. The trick is easy to find. What a joke !

Certainly not the highest standard of security. Beware !