Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Major Tivo Withdrawals

One of the tragedies of TiVo is that it invented a porsche while everyone was still walking; now the cheaper horse-drawn carts are looking ok to people, because they don't know what a difference a porsche actually makes in getting around. They'll want porsches in a couple years, but it may be too late by then.

Mike Davidson describes Major Tivo Withdrawals when he switched from a TiVo to a Comcast box for HDTV. His point-by-point feature comparison stresses that the UI on a TiVo makes him want to hug his TV, and the other one's UI sucks so much that he doesn't much want to watch TV ever again.

Although I enjoyed this article, all the TiVo fans out there with DirecTiVo are in early mourning, expecting dwindling support for their TiVos when DTV comes out with their own non-TiVo ripoff. (Although, to be fair, the designer we worked with at DirecTV when we were developing the DirecTiVo was quite sensible, for someone from LA.)

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