Thursday, June 09, 2005

Vedic Architecture

I'm fascinated: This odd building called Tower II is being constructed in my home town, Rockville, MD. (As in, "don't go back to.") Here's a quote from their online brochure about it: "All measurements of Tower II, interior and exterior, are proportionally designed to mirror the geometry, or architecture, of the universe. In addition, Tower II has a Brahmasthan (highlighted in gold)—a silent core or nucleus—at the center of the building."

Uhuh. On the other hand, the "green" principles and light principles all sound very reasonable to me. The company that's building it seems to have constructed another award winning building in the same area, and a boutiqeuy mall that I used to hang out at when I was supposed to be at church.

National Conference on Vedic Architecture: The Tower II.

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