Thursday, May 12, 2005

Garage Cinema

I just had a strange blast from the past: a message from the admin for Marc Davis at UC Berkeley SIMS asking if I'd like to attend the Master's Students' final project presentations from his Garage Cinema research group. It took me a little while to understand the connection! And then it all came flooding back, as they say.

Marc Davis worked at Interval, where I met him when I did a talk during grad school about television fan video editing. The subject he works on that's closest to my heart is technology to make it easier to edit video and film footage. His paper "Editing Out Video Editing" in IEEE MultiMedia points out that nearly everyone consumes digital video/film, but almost no one makes it or edits it, because the barriers are quite high. (The acknowledgements list on that paper includes a lot of people I know from various diverse places: MIT cultural studies, someone who once interviewed at TiVo, research folks, friends of friends from research-- how small the Bay Area is.)

Here's his list of pubs: Garage Cinema Research Group, Publications.

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Anonymous said...

Digital video editing is fun.