Monday, March 28, 2005

How Yahoo Got Its Mojo Back

I don't know if the mojo is back or never actually left. I'm always distrustful of hype over substance, because in only 15 years I've already seen things come and go that were in or out with the press on alternate days; but here's someone claiming Yahoo is back and looking cool to us again. (Hey: I posted about Yahoo's UED jobs and VP of UED before that flickr buyout happened. I'd like to say I saw something coming from the pulse.)

See Om Malik on Broadband: How Yahoo Got Its Mojo Back. Note the mention for their beta for Yahoo 360, a combined photo and blogging effort, perhaps trying to fix the weaknesses in LJ and in their own communities effort, while competing with blogger. At least I hope, if they've done their usual decent requirements analysis. (Posting photos in LJ was a problem that many people in my blog survey identified as needing improvement.)

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