Monday, March 14, 2005


This is a nice tool for keeping track of bibliographic references and looking at social linking to academic (i.e., scholarly, peer-reviewed, as opposed to just blogosphere-reviewed) articles. It has some interesting UI attributes, including a display of tags (natch) for the articles, and a graph view of related articles using TouchGraph's cool tools. Unfortunately, in the Touchgraph, I couldn't figure out how to "go to" an article node I wanted to pursue. If anyone else figures it out, please drop me a note.

Topics of current interest to academic groups using this include bioinformatics, protein structure, social networks, bayesian inference, and a whole lot of other HCI (human computer interaction) stuff. In other words, lots of stuff I care about right now :-) For an actual example, see this citation: CiteULike: Community structure in social and biological networks.

Now I just need access to a real academic library again.

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