Friday, November 28, 2008

Jobs for a Stressed Economy: Smashing Stuff, and Psychics

What do you do when you're stressed? You can pay to throw things, at Sarah's SmashShack in San Diego. Sarah's site says you can come alone or in groups, and throw crockery and other nice breakables in her special smashing rooms. Along with whatever soundtrack you prefer.
Celebrate that break up...good riddance! Celebrate dumping that job you hated anyway! Celebrate that promotion you darn well deserved! You can write on the things you break -- we've got lots of markers for you to use. ... We don't use any "weapons" hammers, sledgehammers, baseball bats, golf clubs, flame throwers (come on!), bb guns, etc. It's all YOU.
According to one article, business is really great right now, since people are understandably super stressed by the economy.

The "menu" is kind of - funny while still a little disturbing? smash shack menu excerpt

Women seem to have written the bulk of the testimonials. I find this rather interesting.

"The best cathartic release around (besides bashing a pole w/a bat). Peaceful angry destruction is very centering. :)" ...Vanessa

"I was a little trepidatious at first, but I loved it! I especially loved writing things on the plates and smashing the bad things. Terrific stress-relief for this stress-filled stay-at-home mom." ...Rachel R

Sarah is clearly a business genius. In another booming business, psychics are doing very well, and more and more men in business are using them, according to this NYT article: "Love, Jobs, and 401k's."

“Your mortgage agents, your realtors, your bankers, you can’t go to these people anymore,” said Tori Hartman, a psychic in Los Angeles. “...People are sensing that the traditional avenues have not worked, that all of a sudden this so-called security that they’ve built up isn’t there anymore. They come to a psychic for a different perspective.” ... Their clients, who include a growing number of men, are often professional advice-givers themselves, in fields like real estate and investments, and they typically hand over anywhere from $75 to $1,000 an hour for this form of insight.

“My Web traffic is up and up and up,” said Aurora Tower, a New Yorker who constructs spidery star charts for her growing clientele. “People will entertain the irrational when what they consider rational collapses.”

The fellow who runs, a very cool site offering person-to-person consulting on any number of subjects, tracks the rise in his psychic experts' business against the economy. offers technology and business consultants, home repair consultants, almost anything, and yet...

Live Person earned revenues of $30 million this year, about 70 percent derived from spiritual readers, Mr. LoCasio said. "In this day and age, a spiritual guide is an everyday therapist — that’s what the business has become," he said.

That's what good business sense is all about - staying tuned into what people will still pay for when times are tough. Or, in the case of smashing crockery, offer them things they didn't even know they wanted and could pay for!

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