Sunday, July 20, 2008

Designing the Stop Sign (the Agency Experience)

Having just given a workshop on setting yourself up as a consultant with some warnings about client types, this video is especially apropos. What if a corporation asked you to design a stop sign?

In the list of client types, I think they missed the Appreciative Hands-On Committee of Passive Aggressive Cheerleaders client. Who test your design on their 6 year olds!

Thanks for the timely pointer to Steve at Tingilinde...

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Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny that they got everything else wrong, but got the octagonal shape right. But then I thought, why do I think that's "right"? Nothing about an octagon spells "stop". So then I thought maybe that was a subtle joke about the randomness of stop signs being octagonal. But then I thought, wait, even though the shape itself is arbitrary, the fact that it's a different shape from other signs is important. Then I decided no matter what further thoughts I had about this, it wasn't going to become funny again.

(But the video was!)