Sunday, June 01, 2008

Consulting References (How-To and Advice)

Having just finished a talk at the Boston MiniUPA conference on setting up as a consultant (an honest tell-all), I have collected a handful of references I wanted to share here. They're not necessarily the obvious books/links on consulting, but they informed me in one way or another. Finally, I've put my own slides up: "So You're Thinking About Consulting?" (pdf). They won't necessarily make full sense without the talking parts, but I'll be running a half-day workshop on how to get started in consulting co-taught with Greg Raiz of Raizlabs this summer. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Nice List! Say hi to Mr. Raiz for me :)

-Scott Berkun

Lynn said...

Will do - and thanks as usual for being someone I can always link to on almost anything I care about :-)

Anonymous said...

Check out the workshop if you're intersted:

- Greg

p.s. Hi Scott.

Lynn said...

Amusingly circular: If you got here from Scott Berkun's blog, you might want to take my survey on being a consultant, which will inform the workshop I am offering on this topic with Greg Raiz who commented above.

Here is the survey link.