Saturday, November 24, 2007

Compelling Travel Slide Shows

A link for my family, and anyone else in this situation: You've come back from the vacation of your life, and you want to share. Your vacation photos should leave them wanting more, not less, and definitely not caffeine. Read "The Ultimate Guide to Memorable Travel Slideshows."

Some tips: Choose one or two evocative pics, not 8 of the same thing. Mix up people with landscape, for variety. Insert movie clips occasionally, to spice it up.

Software to make this easy: Surprisingly difficult to make a simple animated slideshow, it turned out. I tried a few programs that were on my computer and finally got results from Photoshop Elements, which will export a nice slideshow movie to Premiere Elements for creation of the DVD itself. On the Mac, the settings and process was a little hidden and didn't offer the same control over the zoom/pan effect, but you can achieve the same results with iPhoto and iDVD. It seems that Picasa will do it (haven't tried). Some DVD authoring apps will, and any movie-making app, but you really want some tools built for slideshows to make it easier for yourself.

Disclaimer: I've definitely violated these rules too, so this was a good reminder to me, too.


Anonymous said...

I've had reasonable experiences with Microsoft Photo Story.

As of the version I used it doesn't easily permit insertion of movie clips but other than that it gets the job done.

Rob said...

Hey Lynn,

Thanks for the link. True, very true. Advice definitely worth following in the future, thanks. I guess the bottom line is you need to keep it dramatic or what's the point? Not everyone is going to have the same appreciation for every shot you might.

thanks again