Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More Adobe: After Effects Tour

Whilst avoiding blogging about irritation-provoking topics (e.g. the science article claiming men like women who laugh at their jokes but don't care if women are funny-- thanks, steve!), I happened on some good news: A video demo showing off some new features in the new release of Adobe After Effects.

Quite possibly the healthiest team at Adobe when I was there, AE had good UI design, good team process, famously good project management, good tools for tracking workflow internally and customer issues (actually integrating the two, good grief!), and a user-centered modified agile development philosophy that actually worked. Someone on their team should be writing articles about their processes, hint hint.

The new product shows some nice UI improvements in palette and window management, as well as 2 tools of great usefulness to me and many people I know: precision time fx, and smart blur fx. The graph UI controls make the chart geek in me salivate, too.

Note the increasing number of product integration features. I keep hearing about AE and Flash, so it's continuing even with Macromedia in the corporate mix now.

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